Granite Borders flyer

What a busy time of it!

There have been some mighty wonderful folk coming to visit us here at Pretty Produce HQ on Macleay island.

We have met some passionate and knowledgeable members of ROGI ( Redlands Organic Growers Inc) that came out in force with 2 buses on Sunday, 21st June. Headed up by Jill Nixon (president) and long term members such as Marion Lennon and Frank Huysing,  Gennaro De Rosa, Margaret Foley and Toni Bowler just to mention a few! Such a marvellous cross pollination of advice and ideas and I relished such wisdom coming right into the patches and to my other growing spaces! Some of the tips included utilising of wood ash on high acid soils to sweeten them up, increasing the ph (thanks Gennaro!) and others included how to care and look after my 'Moringa Olefaria' babies by Marion who has adult trees in her yard to prove she knows her stuff!

The next big tour was part of the Karragarra Garden Group's "Graeme Sait" seminar day on August 1st. Such a pleasure to host speakers such Len Calvi and Sonia Ghiggioli ( and be on the same program as Gary Donaldson ( and Tim Barker (

This weekend just gone (8th August) I had the ABSOLUTE pleasure of being a speaker for Land Granite Borders at both Stanthorpe, QLD and Tenterfield, NSW. The topic of discussion was 'Diversity and resilience in farming systems'.

Pretty Produce Summer Rain

Being a food producer striving for continous supply during such a vibrant and volitile time is not for the faint hearted.  This is my personal rollercoaster. So, taking the dramatics away slightly, how do you juggle staggering plantings, seasonal plantings, annuals, perrenials - 60+ salad leaf and 30+ edible flowers and try to get by with conventional earth and sun sysltems incorporating an organic and biodynamic philosophy?  A little anxiaty disorder perhaps?  more so the thrill of the challenge.

Other than winning the lottery and buying a big 100 acres off the Redlands shire and filling it full of polytunnels (ahh...the dream...), I have to research and research and then chuck in some trial and error.  Weather proofing is separate to season proofing.

pretty produce blog1

Throughout many blurby blog burps to come, I wil be able to offer a window into a small scale agri business operations, macinations and daily dealings.  Looking at things like the weather, seasonality, tips, pests, plantings, people and also getting my produce to people who really love eating it.  Im starting small....really really small.  This is the beginning and hopefully you will come along with me whilst I get this show on the road.
A little bit of history on me. I have always  been in wonderment of the natural world.  Growing up on farms as a young pup, I carry gorgeous memories of looking for bullfrogs under logs, my mother taking us mushroom picking and then cooking them up with loads of butter. I have memories of being surrounded by pear, apple, plum and cherry trees. Of catching yabbies in creeks. Of freshly made bread, raw cows milk and finally the ultimate - my mums MASSIVE big vege patch.  It was full of tasty towering corn, peas, greens and the jewels in the crown - big juicy tomatoes.  Beautiful memories that I thank my parents for.

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