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Pretty Produce is busily riding the crests and troughs of the turbulent QLD summer rainy season.

Pretty Produce Summer Rain

Being a food producer striving for continous supply during such a vibrant and volitile time is not for the faint hearted.  This is my personal rollercoaster. So, taking the dramatics away slightly, how do you juggle staggering plantings, seasonal plantings, annuals, perrenials - 60+ salad leaf and 30+ edible flowers and try to get by with conventional earth and sun sysltems incorporating an organic and biodynamic philosophy?  A little anxiaty disorder perhaps?  more so the thrill of the challenge.

Other than winning the lottery and buying a big 100 acres off the Redlands shire and filling it full of polytunnels (ahh...the dream...), I have to research and research and then chuck in some trial and error.  Weather proofing is separate to season proofing.


Weather Proofing

I have had a few years to plant laods of seed and then watch them like a hawk to see if I can get them to maturity. Being self taught in garden knowledge and plant welfare, Im getting REALLY good at planting seeds. I do get protective and emotional about my little guys ( a dear buddy had to come in and take control recently...telling me 'let go of the plant...just back away slowly' when she came to help rationalise my patches and implement strategies to boost production.  Its because I couldnt bear to let go of my 'friends'.  However, it is this protectiveness that has me out digging water divertion cheannels in an ex cyclone Marcia when last week rainfall exceeded 300mm in 36 hours.

Learning how to build seasonal flood levies, on the flip side , maximising little rainfall events in the dry winter months. How to prepare for 140km hour winds (ex cyclone Oswald) by staking and pruning.

I am by nature a positive person and I must say that most gardeing/ farming folk are extreme optimists by nature.  Why would you bother if you thought you'd be wiped out every summer?  An d in adding myself in the mix, its an honour to be taking my beginner steps into active agriculture.

For specifics details and techniques of weather proffing , please feel free to email me simone@prettyproduce.com.au

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