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Delicate pretty edible flowers

Pretty Produce

Pretty-Produce-Packing Edible Flowers

The journey

“What doesn’t kill you …. Makes you stronger and a bit more thoughtful…..”

Everyone knows the rocky road of life with its twists and turns. Everyone has their own tales of ‘War and Peace’ because we all have our own blogs to post. The world is becoming full of our stories, it sounds like bigger and bigger waves crashing on a beach. If I could describe to you my journey to this point, I would say that it has incredible peaks and troughs…a few tsunamis and tornados thrown in plus some glistening, sparkling and purely precious sunrises with golden beams of light bouncing off bees frolicking in fields of edible blooms – YES! it would make you so emotional to view them. Yes, tears and all that fuzzy stuff. It’s funny that more you try and live your true life, your calling and your passion….the more challenging it gets. That’s the point I suppose. It means more to you.  It’s like a plant that has long taproots, they pierce your soul.

OK … so I have a little hobby. ‘Pretty Produce’ and its all-consuming passion that has thrown me headfirst into this new life. If I had been half as passionate, I think I would have given this whole new venture some decent balanced thought and then taken my husband’s, friend’s and families advice and put it all aside and go get a ‘real’ job.

But did I also mention that I’m driven! The journey into what is edible has consumed me. The journey into what can we eat in our landscape has stoked the fires of my ‘Positive Armageddonist’ personality quirk ( yeah… it’s a quirk) to see how we can arm ourselves for the ever looming disaster. What disaster? The elephant in the room … Climate Change…. OK…for those who still say its not human induced … yep good on you…its still happening…summer peaks are higher and winter troughs might be deeper for a while since we are in transition…but when it starts to level out ..that’s when I believe my passion for highly resilient wild plants and their seeds will come to the fore.

The absolute artists expression outlet for what I’m doing is my Nationally award winning Edible Flowers and Leaf mix products. I remain the first and only Delicious Produce Awards National Gold Medallist 2016 and 2017, Delicious State Winner 2018, for edible flowers. To me, this is the tip of the iceberg. We haven’t even started talking about the incredible therapeutical health benefits to flowers…imagine colourful vegetables … now duplicate it!! Flower Power for sure…I’ll keep you posted.

Do I sound bonkers? Fine line they say but really…its been amazing how many plants I’ve discovered just in my corner of the world are edible…every day there is new one. This gives me so much hope. For my kids, my loved ones and for all of us that think humanity can do better.